4 types of support and services we offer

Nixma Service Facility

Do you know that we have support and maintenance programs to ease the workload of your technicians, ensure equipment is in great form and to expand the skills of your employees?

Aside from the solutions we offer, Nixma also provides various other services to provide our customers with comprehensive, holistic, and flexible support services tailored to their individual needs.
Nixma’s Service Facility offers:

1. Training and Skill up

The market is constantly developing, making it important to expand the skill set and abilities of your employees. Our training and skill up programs are developed to educate your employees and gain the proper skills needed to operate our machines and solutions to meet your production demands.

2. On-site service

Our service and support centers located in India, Malaysia, and Thailand are where we coordinate various training, maintenance, and other support services. Our team of experienced and capable technicians is sent for on-site services should there be a need.

3. Service Contract & Preventive Maintenance

This maintenance contract is regularly performed to lessen the likelihood of an equipment failure. It includes adjustments, repairs, and part replacements to ensure assets are in good order. This ensures that your machine keeps running on an optimum level without a hitch

4. Renting and Leasing

A unique service in Southeast Asia! Do you know you can lease or rent from us? To support your short term project needs, or just to try before you buy. We provide the option for short-term renting of leak detectors from LACO Technologies and Lease-to own plans for both low and high-value helium leak tests, charging, discharging gas booster, and helium recovery systems. Find out more here!

With Nixma, you get products that exceed many other solutions due to our sophisticated technologies and innovative ideas. We can support your business in many ways, just talk to us!

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