About Us

Why Choose Nixma ?

70% Employees Focus on Engineering

Cost Effective & Excellent Quality

Value to Customers & Employees

Advanced, Innovative & Niche Solutions

Worldwide Network Support

Vertically Integrated Automation Solution Provider

Why Choose Nixma ?

70% Employees

Focus on Engineering

Cost Effective

& Excellent Quality


to Customers & Employees


Innovative & Niche Solutions


Network Support

Vertically Integrated

Automation Solution Provider

What is nixma

What is Nixma ?

The meaning of our brand name and logo. Being a developer and builder of ‘niche’  equipment for a variety of industrial ‘markets’ we decided to coin those words into a short, strong and memorable word where the letter ‘X’ connects them and represents not only the wide range of products and services we provide, but also the multiple industries we are active in.

The clearly distinguishable forward pointing arrow > in our logo symbolizes our vision. One where we think and work differently, together <. A vision where we challenge the status quo, but do so with creative and analytical balance to become a world class industry partner and advance industries worldwide. 

Who is Nixma ?

Our company “NIXMA” is a diversified technology group. We started as a small local special-purpose machine builder before evolving into a group of companies. Not only developing and building capital equipment, but also providing industrial automation solutions to a variety of manufacturing industries worldwide is our speciality. Discover unlimited potential with NIXMA. 

Who is nixma

Where is Nixma ?

Nixma’s head office is located in Thailand where we dedicate ourselves to collaborating with our customers. Our aim to establish credibility in our products and company has pushed us forward to continuously upgrade ourselves to provide the best. While we are committed to bringing our customers a completely comprehensive customer service, our company network has expanded to Malaysia and India with their own respective branches. We also have business partners in Vietnam and South Korea to bring our customers a wider range of services and solutions.

Our Story

Since 2007, Nixma has helped customers to find the right solutions. We know how to create the right success for your business

Nixma Foundation


Incorporation as a limited company in Thailand to provide engineering and supportive services for industrial automation and special purpose machines in the local market


R&D on semiconductor industry equipment

A strong focus is placed on research and development of back-end equipment for the semiconductor industry.


Kicking off with our 1st Large Order

The company received its first large order from a stock listed electronics manufacturer to build 70 machines for hard disk suspension.


Beginning of Partnership with SCHMIDT Technology, Germany.

Nixma was appointed and authorized by SCHMIDT Technology as a sole partner to provide Press Solutions in South East Asia (SEA).

Leak Detection

New BU to support Leak Detection Solution

Through talent acquisition, the company creates a business unit dedicated to research and development of helium leak detection equipment and the development of advanced ceramic solutions.

Rice Processing

New BU to support Rice Processing Industry

To answer local industry demands, a business unit is created for research and development of back-end equipment for the rice processing industry.

Authorized Laco Technology

Beginning of Partnership with Laco Technology, United States

Nixma was appointed and authorized by Laco Technology as a distributor & service facility in South East Asia and India.

Nixma Malaysia

Expansion into Malaysia

The company’s subsidiary, Nixma Technology (M) Sdn. Bhd. was incorporated and in the same year becomes one of the main process manufacturing solution providers for a water processing and supply holding in Malaysia.

Nixma Technology India

Expansion into India

The company’s subsidiary, Nixma Technology (India) Pvt. Ltd. was incorporated to provide sales and supportive services for the company’s customers in the Southern Asia Region


Vertical Integration of Nixma Manufacturing Process

To expand the company and take full control of its manufacturing process, Nixma Engineering Co., Ltd. was incorporated in Thailand.

SAG Summit

Nixma is Partner of Smart Automation Group (SAG)

With the aspiration to become a global automation company, Nixma joined as a partner of Smart Automation Group (SAG) to work hand in hand with the group globalization strategy to build and support the automation industry market worldwide.

Nixma Technology Thailand

Relocation and Rebranding

To enable design and building machinery as well as supporting our customers’ full rang service and manufacturing, Nixma Technology Thailand is relocated to a new space of more than  1800 m sqm. As a clear statement of our future vision, the company rebrands all subsidiaries within the group under a new name –nixma

SAG Summit 2019

5th Smart Automation Group (SAG) Summit held at Nixma, Thailand

Nixma Thailand hosted the 5th summit of Smart Automation Group (SAG) to set the group marketing strategies, to become a global automation company by working collaboratively with all SAG partners.


How we execute our projects ?

Nixma execute all projects by engaging closely with customers even before the start of project order to ensure all technical up to the smallest details are noted and included. From there we will go thru the complete process of manufacturing from conceptual design till product launching at customer site.  All our manufacturing process are managed thru Nixma’s own developed project management system- with design, engineering and software development done by our group of dedicated and experienced engineers. Furthermore, Nixma’s service engineers will work closely with our customers on the service and maintenance of our machines to ensure optimum performance and values to our customers.