Automation and Robotic opportunities in India

Over the years, the use of robotics as an intelligent solution in industries such as automotive, food & beverage, hospitality, manufacturing, etc. has increased. They’re driving the production in manufacturing companies, providing job opportunities for people with disabilities (Read here), and are being employed to assist humans in the healthcare sector.

Robotics and automation have been changing the world inch by inch, developing nations like India is witnessing a steady growth of and is expected to rise. India possesses many opportunities to grow as a strategic manufacturing hub with the assistance of robotics in its manufacturing line. Industrial automation and robotic solutions will give head to companies based in India if adopted to their manufacturing lines.

India’s labor market is going to be modernized and automated over time. With Nixma, we are looking forward to paving the way for robotics and automation in India by providing the right support and technical skills.

Our service and support office in India enables us to communicate more effectively with customers while providing service and knowledge to those who are ready to adopt robotics and automation to their business. 

If you are ready and needed help to kickstart your opportunity in the land of India, talk to us!