Blood Donation Drive Participation by Nixma Technology Thailand.

Nixma, a diversified technology group specializing in providing industrial automation solutions to a variety of manufacturing industries globally, participated in a blood donation drive last Friday, 17 July 2020.

The employees of Nixma Technology Thailand partook in a blood donation drive by the Thai Red Cross Society at Rangsit Prosper Estate. Even during the pandemic of COVID-19, many hospital patients still rely on blood donors to help them through their treatment.

Strict procedures were taken by Nixma before our employees participated in the blood donation drive.

  • Restrict intake of alcoholic drinks/ coffee/ tea and fatty food before donation
  • Ensure that all employees are in top health without seasonal illnesses
  • Ensure all employees are well-hydrated and well-fed with healthy meals before donation

Nixma would like to thank all the employees who took part in the blood donation drive by Thai Red Cross Society. With great courage and a giving heart, our employees had done their part in taking the initiative to better the lives of others.

While Nixma strives to make big differences in how industries work, we are also making big differences in the lives of others.


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