Changing the landscape of manufacturing with Industry 4.0

Intelligent machines are improving our lives– both on an industrial scale and in our home. Industry 4.0 is today. What does Industry 4.0 actually mean to manufacturers? Here are two things you should know about Industry 4.0:

1. Automation can create new job opportunities

There’s been a lot of talk that with the rise in automation of services as seen in Industry 4.0, humans will lose their jobs. While it means that there may be a dent in manual labor, Industry 4.0 paves the way for newer and better opportunities. There will be significant development in areas such as mechatronics engineering, industrial mechanics, and electrical engineering for automation technology 

2. Ease and efficiency 

When automation runs all relevant production line data in real time while intelligently connecting man to machine and production, it doesn’t mean that factories will no longer need human talent. Industry 4.0 technology actively assists assembly workers. The technology enables every person’s individual capabilities to boost their efficiency. With Industry 4.0, even handheld tools have smart technology to connect man and machine better– making wrong assembly impossible. 

When you combine Industry 4.0 to talent, we can create better job opportunities, promote better efficiency and improve safety standards. The innovations that come with Industry 4.0 are boundless when applied to manufacturing today.