Custom Automation

Custom Automation

From product assembly and testing to specialized processing machinery, we offer an extensive range of manufacturing technology and expertise to deliver turnkey manufacturing solutions.

Leveraging our diverse technical and engineering knowledge-base, Nixma can become an extension of your operation at every phase of design & development — generating and proving concepts using 3D graphic, developing specifications and prototypes or even optimizing your equipment design for more efficient assembly or commercialization.

With expertise in pre-production planning and documentation, Nixma can work with your team to prepare your program for ramping up to full-scale production, to establishing a reliable supply chain, preparing test and validation plans for quality control. We provide sustaining services throughout the life cycle of your product, finding new ways to optimize the manufacturing process for each generation of your equipment.

Custom Engineered Products

Nixma specializes in the design and assembly of unique and specialty equipment for the material handling industry. Our expertise in creating custom products that are not readily available in the material handling industry is what sets us apart from others

custom Engineering

Engineering and fabrication services catered to your goals

Nixma Engineering offers a wide range of engineering and fabrication services, each focused on your application requirements. Each engineering or fabrication services project is examined and executed holistically while focusing on project technical objectives, design reviews with our customer, schedule status, financial targets and above all customer satisfaction.

Specializing in quality manufacturing services

Nixma’s modern manufacturing facility utilizes 1800 square feet designed for lean manufacturing. We incorporate state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques to ensure we provide robust and high quality equipment to our customers. Each assembly of manufactured equipment is carefully constructed using our proven manufacturing process flow while strictly adhering to our quality control standards at each step.

Lead your industry success with Nixma’s customized manufacturing solutions

We know your business has specific needs— and we also know custom automation solutions do not come in a one-size-fits-all package. That’s why we hold decades of experience in custom automation solutions. Our experts will partner with you to engineer a custom automation system focused on your business objectives. Curious? Learn more about our industry-specific solutions.