Electronic Circuit Ultrasonic Cleaner

Electronic circuit and mirochips

Precision cleaning for circuit boards and microchips.

Every aspect of innovation in our world today uses electronics, which helps improve lives for everyone on the planet. Any electronics assembly’s basic component, the printed circuit board (PCB), must be properly cleaned in order to function as intended.
Crest Ultrasonics is the industry leader when it comes to cleaning PCBs quickly, effectively, safely, and affordably throughout production or even rework and repair. Because of this, if you need to clean electronics, Crest should be your primary choice.
We have the technology and the know-how to thoroughly clean your parts, maximising their potential while reducing your costs. It might be challenging to clean electronic assemblies and circuit boards. PCBs are now more sophisticated than ever due to their tiny form factor. It is more difficult to clean up particle pollution. The tolerances for BGAs, microBGAs, and semiconductor packages are closer than before.
Furthermore, difficult-to-clean fluxes like RMA or rosin-based flux or even the basic No-Clean or water-soluble fluxes provide cleaning issues.
To address precisely these difficulties, Crest Ultrasonics provides a wide range of Ceramically Enhanced High-Frequency Ultrasonic and Megasonic systems that can remove particles off PCBs that are in the micron and sub-micron range. We concentrate on eliminating generated fluxes, ionics, organics, and particles when combined with the appropriate cleaning solutions. Our Vapor Degreasers use the proper solvents to remove fluxes from tight-fitting components before they can lead to corrosion. These solvents can also get rid of other contaminants such marking inks, uncured solder paste, certain conformal coatings, and fingerprint oils. 

Cr. Electronic-circuit Ultrasonic Cleaner, available at https://crest-ultrasonics.com

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