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With a team of passionate and experienced people who love to develop industrial automation systems, we are currently among the leading automation experts in many industries because we understand the processes of our customers down to the smallest detail. And it is exactly this understanding of the markets that make us special. 

We develop cost effective automation solutions for industrial companies who require a reliable partner to provide fully integrated production systems. To put it simply, we are your “One stop shop” for all your technical needs such as design and engineering, industrial internet of things, prototyping and tooling, contract manufacturing, setup and onsite training. We add business value in what we know, which is automation. We are Automation.

We are committed to providing the most innovative, niche and cost-effective solutions delivered in first-class excellence. Our abilities lie in developing industrial solutions— not only one, but as many as we can, from leak detection solutions, assembly & testing solutions, robotic solutions, high precision solutions to custom automation solutions. Through our passion and integration of our technology, we deliver values to our customers
Solutions we Porvided
e aspire to become the global leader in providing world-class automation solutions for manufacturing industries in the global market. Nixma is ever-expanding in what we can contribute and provide. Among the industries we provide for, are the RHVAC industry, Food & Beverage industry, Water Work industry, Electronics industry, etc.
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Service Support Center
At Nixma, we prioritize continuous service and support for all our customers to ensure that they have everything needed to run their operations smoothly. Our service & support range from training, on-site service and renting equipment to maintenance contracts. We have you covered so you can be rest assured.
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