How Long Can You Last Without Automation?

The economic crisis brought on by Covid-19 has exposed many hidden vulnerabilities. Production lines were unfit to operate in an environment with no human monitoring.Manufacturers need flexibility and scalability. They need automation. For all hype around Industry 4.0, automation is making its way to manufacturers.In reality, a vast majority of manufacturing still remains dependent on human labor and that is why the manufacturers suffered the biggest brunt during the initial stage of the pandemic. This places a new question for us: When the time comes again, how well prepared will the industry be?

Manufacturers have been chasing one goal – low cost at reasonable quality. And this could be the reason why some manufacturers still turn away from industrial automation.  Fortunately, automation is becoming faster and easier to deploy- with smart solutions, robotic arms, and vision markers that make robots capable of assembly and inspection, humans are rarely needed to monitor operations and productions. This is when human labor can be used to focus on management and ideation.

With this understanding, it answers the question initially posed: When the time comes again, how well prepared will the manufacturing industry be?

With smarter solutions and quick deployment of industrial automation, if the next wave were to hit, the manufacturing industry is believed to have minimal impact. In conclusion, the pandemic has an impact on the economy but doesn’t need to be when you have smart solutions. Talk to us to find out how we can help.

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