What is the difference between the jig and fixture?

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Jig and Fixture

What is the difference between the Jig and Fixture

A fixture on the other hand, is a device used in mass production to improve industrial efficiency and productivity. It locates and maintains the workpiece in an accurate location, but there is no provision for guiding the cutting tool.

Jigs are work-holding devices that are commonly used in drill presses in conjunction with drill bushings to guide the tools so that drills generate holes only where the bushing is situated in the drill jig. It can also be used as a device in mass manufacturing by accurately positioning and firmly retaining the workpiece while simultaneously directing the cutting tool.

The primary distinctions between jigs and fixtures are in their functionality. A jig directs the cutter to work at a specific point on a workpiece. It also helps to support and locate the component. However, the fixture just secures, supports, and locates the workpiece. 

CNC machining, as a manufacturing process, entails the employment of numerous tools. These tools are one-of-a-kind and diversified. CNC machining is used to create jigs and fixtures with predetermined shapes and specifications. This is so that they are all applicable in different ways. 

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