Leak Detection

Ultimus helium Leak Test Solutions

One of Nixma's primary focus is producing leak testing workstations.

Our goal is to be the world leader in providing production of Air / Helium / Hydrogen gas medium leak testing workstations.  A leak test workstation is defined by a system that is typically loaded / unloaded by an operator or automated method, where the primary operation is the leak test.

Why Nixma for Leak Test Solution?

>   Nixma is uniquely qualified to offer the most broad selection of leak testing methods/solutions.  We do not just focus on one approach, but will offer the best solution to meet the customer’s needs.

>   Nixma is different from many leak test system builders, in that we have a strong vacuum background that helps us design better optimized leak test systems.

RHVAC for Automotive Nixma

Target Applications/Industries


Automotive Industry

Heat exchangers, radiators, heater cores, canisters, gas tanks, evaporators, injectors, fuel rails, condensers, compressors, airbags, igniters, A/C hoses, wheel rims, wheels, abs brakes, batteries, fuel pumps, gear boxes, transmissions,  inflators, ignitors, large high pressure liquid natural gas tanks, etc

Refrigeration and A/C Industries

Refrigeration and A/C Industries

Transportation, commercial, industrial – compressors, heat exchangers, A/C parts etc.

Medical Industry

Medical Industry

Medical Device, including disposable devices and implants, miniature batteries, catheters, etc.

Aerospace Industry

Aerospace Industry

Gas lines, gas containers, break lines, landing gears, heat exchangers etc.

General industrial

General industrial

Valves, tanks, regulators, instruments, pumps etc.


Electrical / Electronics Industries

Small devices and enclosures, hybrid circuits, computer hard drives, etc.


Packaging Industry

Chemical, pharmaceutical soft and hard packages


  • Air bag inflators and sub-assemblies (helium hard vacuum, HATS, pressure decay)
  • Refrigeration valves, coils, heat exchangers (helium hard vacuum, RGA, Sniffing)
  • Pharmaceutical single use bags (helium hard vacuum, HATS).
  • Gas Shock Components – Reservoirs, shocks (helium hard vacuum)
  • High Voltage Switchgear (helium hard vacuum, helium accumulation)
  • Electrical Enclosures (pressure decay)
  • Car batteries (helium hard vacuum)
  • Gas Storage Cylinders – aerospace (RGA)
  • Computer hard drives (Electronic Industries)
  • Blister packs, bio process containers for serum (Pharmaceutical)
  • Large high-pressure liquid natural gas tanks for trucks (Helium hard vacuum).
  • High pressure regulators (Helium hard vacuum).

* Solutions provided together with our strategic partner