Enhancing Manufacturing Efficiency with Automated Secondary Packaging Solutions 

In today’s dynamic manufacturing landscape, efficiency and precision are essential for staying competitive. Secondary packaging, the process of consolidating primary packages into larger containers, is a critical step in ensuring product protection and efficient transportation. However, traditional manual methods of secondary packaging often fall short, being slow, error-prone, and labor-intensive,

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Cover What is Cleanroom conveyor automation

What is Cleanroom Conveyor Automation?

In the ever-evolving landscape of manufacturing, precision and efficiency are non-negotiable elements, especially in industries where the slightest deviation can have profound consequences. Cleanroom Conveyor Automation stands out as an indispensable solution, employing state-of-the-artconveyors and automated systems to seamlessly transport materials and productswithin meticulously controlled cleanroom environments. These environments are

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JKS Nixma Ultrasonic Cleaning

The Versatility of Ultrasonic Cleaning Machines

Ultrasonic cleaning machines have established themselves as indispensable tools in the gems and jewelry industry, offering more than just a thorough cleansing of dirt and grime. Their versatility extends to various facets of the industry, providing benefits in polishing, finishing, specific cleaning solutions, quality control, inspection, and even the maintenance

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Cobots for PCB Assembly Processes

Using Cobots for PCB Assembly Processes

Cobots (collaborative robots) are increasingly playing a prominent role in PCB assembly lines, particularly for loading and unloading tasks. Their flexible, user-friendly, and space-saving nature makes them ideal for this repetitive and delicate process. Here’s a rundown of the benefits and considerations when using cobots for PCB assembly loading and

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Nixma’s Innovative Impact on the RHVAC Industry

The Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration (RHVAC) industry stands at the forefront of technological advancements, and within this landscape, Nixma has emerged as a key player, reshaping the industry with its unparalleled experience and cutting-edge leak detection systems. Nixma’s journey in the RHVAC industry has been marked by a

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Packaging Integration Solutions

Packaging Integration Solutions

In today’s fast-paced industrial landscape, the demand for efficiency, precision, and sustainability hasnever been greater. Automated packaging integration has emerged as a game-changer, revolutionizing the way we handle a wide range of materials, from small granules to large quantities, ensuring that every product is efficiently packed and delivered. This essay

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Cobot in nixma

Collaborative Robots (Cobots) and Ensuring Workplace Safety

As technology continues to advance, the integration of automation into various industries has become a reality. One significant development in this realm is the advent of collaborative robots, or cobots. Cobots are designed to work alongside humans, facilitating a harmonious interaction between human workers and automated systems. While the benefits of cobots are numerous,

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Automation can be classified into several different types based on the level of complexity, the degree of human involvement, and the specific processes being automated. Here are six common types of automation: 1. Fixed or Hard Automation In this type of automation, machines or systems are designed and set up

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Helium Recovery


Helium recovery help the leak testing solutions’s business save cost. Helium recovery refers to the process of collecting and reusing helium gas that is used in helium leak detection solutions. Helium is an essential element in leak detection because of its unique properties, such as its low boiling point and

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How Spraying Method work in Leak Detection Solutions

The Spraying Method of Helium Leak Testing is a widely used technique for detecting leaks in large and complex systems, such as industrial machinery, pipelines, and HVAC systems. It involves introducing a small amount of helium gas into the system and then spraying a fine mist of soapy water over

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Sniffing Leak Test Method

Helium Leak Test: Sniffing Method

Add Your Heading Text Here The sniffing method is particularly useful for detecting leaks in small components or in difficult-to-reach areas where other methods may not be feasible. It can also be used to quickly identify the location of leaks in large systems, such as refrigeration or air conditioning systems.

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Bombing Helium Leak Test Method

Bombing Method one of Leak Detection Method for small components.

The bombing test is a special leak test for small and previously hermetically sealed parts which have an internal cavity like transistors, diodes, icroprocessors, or small relays. It cannot be used on plastic-covered semiconductors (permeation). To get helium into these test pieces which are already tight, a large number of

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3D Bin Picking Solutions

Bin picking involves employing a robot to remove items from a bin or container and place them where they are needed. Due to the variety of objects and their orientations in the bin, this process can be difficult. To be effective, it needs to move quickly and with a high

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Helium Leak Detection Methods: Benefits and Costs

Helium leak detection is a critical process used in engineering to identify and locate leaks in various types of systems. Helium, being an inert gas, is safe to use and has a very low concentration in the atmosphere. Therefore, it is an ideal tracer gas for leak detection purposes. There

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Nixma Technology Thailand Organizes Annual Medical Check-Up for Employees

07 March 2023 Nixma, Thailand-in collaboration with the Thonburi Lab Center, the Human Resource Department of the Nixma Thailand recently organized its annual employees general medical examination which offers a variety of promotional health check-up packages for the management and staff. whish included a routine physical examination to promote staff

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Flux Cleaning : Cleaning System​

A flux cleaning machine is a tool used to remove flux residue off printed circuit boards or electronic components, which is a sticky, conductive substance used in the soldering process (PCBs). The machine employs a variety of techniques to get rid of the residue and enhance the dependability and performance

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