Rice Processing

Rice processing Technology you need to see!

With our headquarters in Thailand, a country where a huge portion of the economy is represented by rice production, we became a local ASEAN partner by developing our own – Made in Thailand – equipment for the rice processing industry. Over the years, we have acquired strong expertise in the

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nixme engineering

Our Team of Engineers You Can Trust

From concept to production, we work with you to identify cost-effective automation solutions that match your specifications. Most importantly, Nixma delivers high-quality industrial automation services to our customers within the budgeted cost and schedule. With over 30 years of engineering experience, Nixma employs a quality team of experienced design and

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Nixma is ready to support your expansion in S.E.A Are you looking for a supplier in Southeast Asia?  Nixma is always ready to assist in your Automation Technology and Precision Tooling needs!  We have a wide range of equipment and solutions for a variety of manufacturing industries worldwide. Our company evolved from being a small local special purpose

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nixma soccer match

Soccer fun at Rangsit Soccer Club

Exercise does not only change the body, but also the mind, mood and attitude. In Nixma, we advocate for recreational break to refresh the mind and body. Soccer has been a favorite sport and pastime for most of our employees. On 22 July 2020 (Wednesday), the employees of Nixma took

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Blood Donation Drive Participation by Nixma Technology Thailand.

Nixma, a diversified technology group specializing in providing industrial automation solutions to a variety of manufacturing industries globally, participated in a blood donation drive last Friday, 17 July 2020. The employees of Nixma Technology Thailand partook in a blood donation drive by the Thai Red Cross Society at Rangsit Prosper

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Semiconductor nixma

Semiconductor Companies: Where Are They In The Chip Cycle?

The semiconductor industry is notoriously cyclical. As such, semiconductor companies are subject to the ups and downs of regular chip cycles tied to the law of supply and demand. When conditions are favorable, chipmakers have trouble keeping up with demand. But when supply exceeds demand — either through overproduction or

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robot palettizing nixma

Why We Use Robotic Arms in the Manufacturing Industry

The robotic arms impact in the manufacturing industry is ever-growing. With its huge advantages in producing higher productivity, higher efficiency, and cost-saving. Companies that have implemented robotic arms in their productions are able to save on labor costs, in turn reducing human error and waste. Robotic arms are able to

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Helium Leak Detection Nixma

Why do we use Helium in our leak detector?

Nixma’s leak detectors use helium as a tracing gas, and do you know why? Why helium? We use helium leak test to measure the amount of gas (leakages). Helium is used to locate and measure the size of leaks into or out of a system or containing device. Helium is

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Exhibition Postponed

Postponement of MANUFACTURING EXPO 2020

As COVID-19 pandemic rolls throughout the world, many manufacturing and automation events have been cancelled, postponed or modified in an effort to stem the spread. Due to this crisis threat and travel restrictions across the world,  Assembly Automation technology in Manufacturing Expo 2020 also has been postponed. The situation surrounding

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Annual Dinner Nixma

Celebrating 12 years of Nixma!

The end of 2019 marks 12 years of Nixma. We started as a small local special-purpose machine builder before evolving into a group of companies over the years. 12 years of serving our customers and also building our footsteps to be the top global automation group, servicing ASEAN and India.

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Nixma Exhibition

Assembly & Automation Technology 2020

On the road towards that an advanced economy under Thailand 4.0 model, both the public and private sectors have been making an incredible effort to accelerate the development of the robotics and automation industry. The Assembly & Automation Technology is a trade fair for assembly technology held in Thailand annually.

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Advanced Ceramics

Advanced Ceramics Solutions at Nixma

Advanced Ceramics, also known as Fine Ceramics, are a high performance family of ceramic materials used in a wide range of technological industries such as electronics, Telecommunications, automotive, aerospace, industrial machinery and healthcare. Advanced Ceramics are manufactured using highly purified natural raw materials and / or artificial raw materials synthesized

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Nixma CSR Mirror Foundation

CSR – The Mirror Foundation, Bangkok, Thailand

Thailand, 16th September 2019 –  NRC (Nixma Recreation Club) organized a CSR event on behalf of Nixma Technology Thailand at the Mirror Foundation located in Vibhavadi Rangsit 62 Yaek 4-7, Talat Bang Khen, Lak Si, Bangkok. The Mirror Foundation is the biggest foundation in Thailand who organized the “Food for

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Leak Detection Solutions

Meet us and find your Leak Detection Solutions

Nixma is one of the companies with expertise in Leak Detection Solution. We are able to provide you with a wide array of Leak Detection Solution. The Exhibition Assembly Automation Technology 2019 is a part of the Manufacturing Expo 2019. Nixma will be there to create opportunities to get to

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Exploring Bangkok with our SAG members

After the summit at Nixma Technology office, it is time to introduce the beauty of Thailand to our SAG members. While we’re in the capital of Thailand, we took the best opportunity to head into the heart of Bangkok with a private guided tour to get an insiders look around

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