Nixma Service Facility

Service Facility

We provide a variation of support and maintenance programs to ease the workload on your technicians and to ensure your equipments maintain reliable.

To ensure satisfaction with Nixma products in the long run, we see it as our responsibility to provide our customers with comprehensive, high-quality and, above all, flexible support services tailored to their individual needs during the entire product life cycle.

With Nixma, you get products that exceed many other solutions due to our sophisticated technologies and innovative ideas. So that you are satisfied with our products in the long-term, Nixma customer service is also of outstanding quality – for maximum economic efficiency and availability of our products.

Nixma Service and Support includes the following range of services:

Training and Skill Up

Nixma believes that one of the important elements contributing to continuous growth is to never stop learning. As the market is ever-changing, it is important to expand the skills and abilities of your employees to perform at optimum levels. Nixma continues to invest in developing training and skill up programs to help your employees have the proper skills and knowledge to operate our machines and solutions to meet your production demands. Our training and skill-up program strengthen your employees base skills and knowledge of Nixma machines to enhance overall performance. Contact us to know more of Nixma Training and Skill up program !


On-site service

To provide our clients a wider geographical coverage of services, Nixma has service & support centers located in India, Malaysia and Thailand. We coordinate various trainings, maintenance and other support services. If worse comes to worse, Nixma naturally provides a team of experienced and capable technicians for on-site service. 

Service Contract & Preventive Maintenance

Nixma provides a Service Contract and Preventive Maintenance for our customers. This maintenance contract is regularly performed to lessen the likelihood of an equipment failure. It includes adjustments, repairs and part replacements to ensure assets are in good order to reduce major repairs or unscheduled downtimes.


Renting and Leasing

A unique service in Southeast Asia! To support your short term project needs, or just to try before you buy, Our strong technical knowledge and support driven approach to our customers encouraged Laco Technologies (Leak Detectors) to choose for our company to act as their authorized service center. We provide the option for short-term renting of leak detectors and Lease-to own plans for both low and high value helium leak test, charging, discharging gas booster and helium recovery systems.