Nixma Technology Thailand Organizes Annual Medical Check-Up for Employees

07 March 2023 Nixma, Thailand-in collaboration with the Thonburi Lab Center, the Human Resource Department of the Nixma Thailand recently organized its annual employees general medical examination which offers a variety of promotional health check-up packages for the management and staff. whish included a routine physical examination to promote staff health and encourage them to have a healthier lifestyle.

“In order for us to care for the health and well-being of our employees and achieve our goal of fostering a good working environment, the company consistently organizes convenient health checkup activities that would help our staff monitor their health and enable them to achieve timely prevention and treatment for any ailments,” Khun Sommate Mahattanobon, the CEO of Nixma Thailand said. “Our staff continues to be our most important resource who play a significant role in our success. We would like them to stay healthy, feel secure to work and productively fulfill their tasks by providing a quality work life and a healthy workplace.”
The annual medical check-up which held at the nixma technology office Thailand, and Occupational Safety and Health management standard, nixma hold annual medical check-ups to continuously raise health awareness among our employees and support their well-being.
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