One misconception about Industrial Automation

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Misconception: Implementing IA requires big capital and only big companies are able to afford it Has industrial automation reached the exalted state of perfection. Automation cannot handle every situation. Although industrial automation repeatedly performs tasks reliably and flawlessly, we cannot deny that they do make mistakes and sometimes these mistakes would need humans to fix. 

After coronavirus and the pandemic, the world of industrial automation has matured. There are hundreds of system integrators and machines who can work on their own without involvement of humans. These smart systems can carry out tasks flawlessly and repetitively without rest. This is how many manufacturing companies produce their products without fail, this is how F&N gets its bottles filled. However, the problem still remains that

“industrial automation only works for those that produce high volumes and those who have an injection of high capital investments.”

The misconception is that having industrial automation implemented could break the bank and if you’re not going to utilize it to the fullest, forget about it 

Fortunately, Nixma has specialized in the best solutions and equipment systems that allows you to achieve the best results at the best optimum investment. Chat with us and we’ll be happy to guide you on your process of implementing the right industrial automation solutions.  

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