Flux Cleaning : Cleaning System​

A flux cleaning machine is a tool used to remove flux residue

off printed circuit boards or electronic components, which is a sticky, conductive substance used in the soldering process (PCBs). The machine employs a variety of techniques to get rid of the residue and enhance the dependability and performance of the electronic components, including solvent cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning, and brushing. The risk of harming the components during the cleaning process can be reduced by using flux cleaning machines in addition to reducing manual labour.

The CT series is a multi-tank, open/completely enclosed cleaning system that can provide a lot of output. It has considerable versatility and is fully automated. It can accommodate many chemistries as well as different cleaning and drying procedures. With a robotic arm that minimizes risk of particle movement generated, this machine is an all-rounde that will reduce inconsistencies.

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