Robotic Helium Test

sniffing helium Leak Test

Robot design with exellence to test custom component for leaks

Our robotic Helium Sniffing Leak Test is commonly used on products or systems that may be too large to place inside a test chamber, or when location and repair of a discovered leak is important. In production environments helium sniffing is typically used to test for leaks in the range of 10-6 atmcc/sec and larger. This method is used to measure leakage of a part or system filled with helium as a tracer gas. A sniffer probe attached to a helium leak detector is scanned over the test part by an operator or a robot to identify suspect leak locations, providing benefits for customers.

Take a closer look at how Nixma's sniffing leak detector works.

Our sniffing leak detector is able to detect with a sensitivity up to 5 x 10-6 mbar.l/sec and allows custom component testing. The integration of robotic arms increases accuracy by preventing human error.