We understand your demands for easy-to-use, easy-to-maintain, investment-value and flexible robotic systems.​

Today’s fast-paced lifestyle has brought on many possibilities in the growth of automation. Businesses value the benefits of automation in many ways— to increase efficiency & output or to find cost-effective solutions, etc. And it is our commitment to find and develop the right automation solutions to accelerate your business growth.

Solutions We Provide

Robotic Handling & Assembly

Robotic Assembly have become a commonplace robotic application in today’s facilities.

Robot Palletizing

Robotic palletizers are automated systems that perform the operation of loading an object onto a pallet or can be customized into a similar structure

Robotic Welding

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Robotic Helium Test

Precise control of the laser beam offers users several benefits over TIG, MIG and spot-welding. Here are a few reasons why robotic welding is a better alternative

Robotic Functional & Quality Test

intelligent robot with multi-measurement purposes featuring automatic quick change of handlers for specific applications such as measuring mechanical parameters and vision inspection.

Collaborative Robot

As the Industry 4.0 demands more autonomy, robotic solutions have become widely used in various manufacturing stages. With the technical capability and automation experiences over 10 years


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What is Cleanroom Conveyor Automation?

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