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Asia Service Center


As an authorized SCHMIDT Service Center, we are able to provide preventative maintenance and yearly calibration services.

These calibration services come with certificates which are in compliance with ISO standards. We develop and integrate  niche solutions for a variety of industries worldwide. With a multi-cultural team of passionate and experienced  people we are able to be local in a global market. Beside our experience in industrial automation and SCHMIDT Press Technology, the strength of our diversity was a driving force for SCHMIDT Technology to appoint Nixma as official SCHMIDT Service Center to provide service and support across Asia.  At Nixma, we believe in combining German quality with local market needs to help our customers advance.

Our solutions are tailored to meet all your process requirements. Apart from the presses, the safety and control technology of the SCHMIDT® Presses Control set standards due to its system philosophy, force / stroke monitoring and integrated measurement technology. A continuous process control and the essential ISO-conforming documentation are the tools for high productivity in today’s efficient assembly.  These performance features make SCHMIDT Technology the undisputed technological leader in the field of precision joining technology today. SCHMIDT Technology is a leader in intelligent joining technology and has the widest product range of all producers.


What we service

With our own spare part, maintenance and showroom area, entirely dedicated to SCHMIDT Technology, we are able to provide a full range of services and support for SCHMIDT customers across Asia. Besides standard services and supporting tasks such as training, demonstrations, repairments, calibrations, etc., Nixma is also a valued partner for the development and integration of special purpose machines in combination with SCHMIDT presses.
Manual Press

Manual Press

Efficient manufacturing requires appropriate mean of production not always automation. n particular, with small production runs Manual presses are often the most cost effective solutions

Pneumatic Press

Pneumatic Press

The Pneumatic Press range consists of a modular system suitable for transforming, joining and assembling operations optimally within the pressing capacities of 1.6-60 KN


Hydro pneumatic Press

The Hydro Peuatic Press range consists of a modular system suitable for transforming, joining and assembling optimally within the pressing force range 15-220 KN.

Electric Press

Electric Press

To use electric drives instead of pneumatic or hydropneumatic driven cylinders, is a modern advancement in assembly technology. And combined it’s proven rugged machanics witht he lastest electric drive technology to create assembly presses


Servo Press

An economic and high quality assembly is the dey to the success of your product. The aim is to join together precise assemblies form low-cost individual components with different tolerances.

Torgue press

Torque Press

The perfect press pomponent for quick and high-precision applications. The new technology offers high press force capacity and at the same time low mass moments of inertia that considerably increase the precision of press force and positionsing


Machine control Unit

The press Control units are the latest generation, which allow the design of modern production processes from the single workstation to complete automation You benefit from our competence.

Certificate & Catalogues

As SCHMIDT’s Asia Service Center, we have a dedicated SCHMIDT center to handle all service and support requests for our customers. If you need any assistance, send us a request.