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Nixma’s excellence in providing high performance handlers and machines for the semiconductor industry has enabled our customers to gain rapid growth in their business.

Since the foundation of our company, we’ve been developing and fabricating systems to optimize and automate semiconductor assembly, early defect detection, assembly verification, and other quality control operation. We also developed a high-volume laser marking handler with machine vision and laser OEM options.

Semiconductors are becoming smaller and with more functionality integrated into a very tiny package. Nixma is your experienced partner to fulfill all your automated manufacturing needs in the ever-changing and challenging semiconductor industry.

Our Products for Semiconductor Industry

fully laser marking

Fully Auto Laser Marking System


Our precision Laser Marking system is a high speed and accurate marking system that provides high accuracy and optimum marking performance. This hander offers the flexibility of manual and automated loading and unloading with the option of vision inspection (before and after marking)

This handler can be tailored towards the most suitable types of laser module on the material, surface and marking speed requirement. Optional integrated camera can be used for pattern identification, 2D or Barcode Reading and comes with integrated networking mapping capabilities.

In semiconductor industries, the machine is capable of running multiple types of packages in one machine at high speed and high accuracy.

Hawk Eyes Inspection

Hawk Eyes ii


Software HMI
Software HMI
Lead insp.
Lead insp.
Top mark insp.
Top Mark Insp.
Merge Results
Merge Results

3rd Optical Inspection


The 3rd Optical Inspection System is an Automatic lead frame and Substrate Handling system for inspection purposes The system consists of a magazine loader, Programmable track width and programmable gripper track on a Y-table. Software Simple Mode interface allows quick setup and operation while Advanced Mode Interface provides advanced parameters that allow complicated inspection path pattern setup.
Vision-in-tape nixma

Vision in Tape Handler


Vision In Tape Handle” is Tape & Reel Inspection System designed to inspect LED, semiconductor component, or any component in tape & reel without dismantle the sealing tape. The system consists of a programmable track width conversion.

Software Simple Mode Interface allows quick setup and operation while Advanced Mode Interface provide advanced parameters, allowing complicated inspection path pattern setup. The material transfer flow is designed in such to minimize handling time and ensuring delicate handling carrier tape. Ergonomic designs offer great comfort to operator.

QC-Measurement nixma

QC Measurement Handler


QC measurement system meets semiconductor requirement for package dimension measurement for leaded packages. User friendly and simple setup operation enable quick setup of new package and editing for parameter, threshold and specification range. Advance Vision Measurement Algorithm provides fast detection and computation of measure result that is tedious for conventional projectors.

Allocating system provides line to perform measurement which allows immediate adjustment to production as well as trend analysis to optimize mold and stamping process. The pass-fail criteria indication on screen and report provides accurate and precise criteria failure location and its results. The system provides platform for QA Sampling gate to measure and document the dimensions prior shipment for better control of products shipped to customers.

Report printing features provides printout or measurement data for documentation and ease process control


Advanced Ceramic Solution


Advanced Ceramics, also known as Fine Ceramics, are a high performance family of ceramic materials used in a wide range of technological industries such as electronics, telecommunications, automotive, aerospace, industrial machinery and healthcare.