Are you too late? Industrial automation is now vital to manufacturers.

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Labor is typically one of the largest COGS on a business’s balance sheet. And with the help of technology and automation, the benefits are as clear as day: fewer human errors, fewer unproductive work hours, promotes safety, etc. 

Speed is another factor in where automation shines. Automation can bring products to market faster and fulfill contract requirements sooner, while putting in longer hours than humans.

Now, ask yourself where you would automate, not if you are ready to automate. Automation in business is imperative.

Where or what should you automate?

  1. Is the process scalable?

Automating the work of many small teams performing various intertwined tasks will provide greater value and may significantly increase workers’ productivity. Can automation cover a sizable portion of your operations?

  1. Is the margin of error low enough?

When precision is crucial and tolerances are small, machines are better workers than humans. A human is unable to recreate with the same precision as a machine. When repetitive processes are demanding, machines can do it better.

If your answer is YES to both, you should know what you have to automate. Have problems figuring out? Talk to us, we can provide you the right advice to kickstart automation in your business today.

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