Authorized Schmidt Service Center, featuring their press solutions

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Nixma & Schmidt

At Nixma, we believe in combining German quality with local market to help our customers advance. We are an authorized Schmidt Service Center, featuring their press solutions and to provide preventative maintenance and yearly calibration services to meet your process requirements. we are service and support to anyone who has to assemble two or more components must decide which assembly technology he wants to use. Traditional techniques such as screwing, welding, soldering and bond are being replaced, more and more, by cost-effective and rational pressing and joining operations for economic reasons.

Schmidt Asia Service

As we are the distributor network of subsidiaries and trained sales & support partners, we ensure that our customers will receive full support for all their requirements. All our representatives’ support teams have been trained specifically on our products. Deciding in favour of our technology is the first step to a successful partnership.

The economic success is then shown in daily production. High quality products optimized for assembly processes are as important as an efficient after-sales service. Our name is your guarantee.

Skills to your advantage.

We are also training centers, providing machinery and full expertise to assist our customers with their applications. On this basis, a team of skilled engineers contributes to planning economic solutions from a simple manual workstation to a fully automated assembly line.

Contact us to find your direct solutions. or see more details from here