KIOSK – How do you monitor your operation?

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Kiosk Nixma

The days of having multiple employees to keep an eye on your operations is almost over. With automation widely implemented into operations, live process monitoring enables you to see exactly what an application is doing. 

kiosk nixma

What can KIOSK do?

  • Spot mistakes in your operations
  • Collect real-time data
  • Generate reports
  • Monitor what your application is doing
  • Provide specific information with a touch of a button


  • Interactive and intuitive touchscreen user interface.
  • Control poka yoke process across system
  • Customization options for user-friendly monitoring
  • Report for daily, monthly and anytime
  • Ease of installation 
  • Easy deployment of apps and content
  • A stand-alone console
Kiosk nixma

KIOSK is proven to collect real-time data and generate reports anytime with a touch of a button. The advancement of technology has pushed us to implement automation wherever possible and this is one of the core places where we believe automation can assist in streamlining inefficient and redundant tasks.

Simplify manual labor and user experience by integrating KIOSK to your operations today.

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