The first glance into Custom Automation

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What is custom automation and why is it crucial for your business?

The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed us to adopt automation in our business strategy, but not every business can find the right success with a “one-size-fits-all” solution. This is where custom automation comes into the picture.

Automation can be applied in manufacturing lines ranging from mass production to low-volume. In custom automation, the right equipment and machinery coalesce to improve industrial processes, further increasing the capabilities of a company’s manufacturing processes.

Custom automation solutions lead to higher-quality production, more extensive yields, and lower manufacturing costs in the long term while catering to every specific need.

Custom automation can be both fully or semi-automated, depending on the company’s needs. In a fully automated solution, the process does not require an operator while in a semi-automated solution, the process requires minimal operator involvement. Both solutions are feasible, depending on the budget and needs of a business.

Custom Automation nixma

Custom automation vs Ready-made automation solutions

A jarring difference in both solutions is that custom automation allows you to be specific in your requirements. Ready-made automation solutions offer the idea where one machine is able to meet standard requirements, but as businesses grow, so do demands and necessities. When you find yourself in need of a unique and specific solution, custom automation is what will aid you. Instead of providing standard outputs or services, custom automation allows you to explore more options in compliance with your unique requirements. 

At Nixma, custom automation is one of the solutions we provide. We are able to engineer a custom automation system focused on your business objectives, budget and needs. From product assembly and testing to specialized processing machinery, we offer an extensive range of manufacturing technology and expertise to deliver turnkey manufacturing solutions.

With expertise in pre-production planning and documentation, Nixma can work with your team to prepare your program for ramping up to full-scale production, establishing a reliable supply chain, preparing test and validation plans for quality control. 

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