Training and information sharing session with our Thailand & India team in Nixma Malaysia.

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Training Nixma

At Nixma, we specialize in leadership and team development. Aside from our usual automation solution offerings, we also offer a full range of corporate training programs. We believe that employee upskill is beneficial to increase their personal knowledge as well as producing quality service to meet the customer’s expectation.

Our training and information sharing session was held in Nixma Technology Malaysia. Our team from Thailand and India flew over to have a discussion and skill-up session in our Malaysia office.

An engineer’s skill set lies in the technical expertise needed to understand and solve problems with speed and precision. And it’s those who have continued their training and education, who are best placed to overcome the challenges faced in the planning and design stages, as well as on-site.

Nixma believes that one of the important elements contributing to continuous growth is to never stop learning. As the market is ever-changing, it is important to expand the skills and abilities of engineers. Not only our in-house engineers, but we provide training and skill-up programs for others. We can connect you to the knowledge and training you needed to take you to the top of your field.

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