Turnkey Robot Palletizing Solution with Customizable Gripper to Match Product

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Robotic palettizing Solution

Are pallets a major part of your manufacturing process? If it is, have you considered Robotic Palletizing? Robotic palletizers are automated systems that perform the operation of loading an object onto a pallet or onto a similar structure in a consistent pattern. 


Robotic arms are integrated into these systems. These robots use intelligent palletizing software to ensure efficient operations, making it possible to load and unload an object without spending a lot of time on training employees. 


Nixma’s robotic palletizing machine can help your business integrate extremely versatile solutions for robotic palletizing of medium to heavy loads. Robotic palletizing technology increases productivity and profitability while allowing for more flexibility to run products for longer periods of time.


Customize Design of Gripper to match Product

We offer gripper customization to fit your applications. Partnered with Kuka’s robotic arms, our palletizing machine’s payload is 180kg. Gripping power remains constant with single parts or entire layers.

Arrange your robotic palletizing needs with us. Contact us to know more or See More.