ULTIMUS. The First Modular High Volume Helium Leak Testing Solution.

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Ultimus nixma

One of Nixma’s primary focus is producing leak testing workstations.

Our goal is to be the world leader in providing production of Air / Helium / Hydrogen gas medium leak testing workstations.  A leak test workstation is defined by a system that is typically loaded / unloaded by an operator or automated method, where the primary operation is the leak test.
Chamber Ultimus

Simplicity. Reliability. Modularity.

ULTIMUS is our accumulation helium leak detector is a game-changer in this industry. The ULTIMUS is built with multiple features that make us stand out among others.

Along with customizable chamber sizes and separate vacuum pump structures, as well as the ease and convenience of “plug & play” modular units, ULTIMUS is a game changer in the leak detection industry. 

ULTIMUS – Accumulation Helium Leak Detection


  • High flexibility to meet customer needs.
  • Ease of relocation.
  • Short installation periods with “plug and play” modular units.
  • Separate vacuum pump structures to make maintenance easy.
  • Double O-ring sealing method in chamber to provide better
  • background result.
  • Minimum leak rate (He), 1 x 10-7 mbar.l/sec.
  • User friendly touch panel, which easily controlled by anyone.

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