We are the official system partner of KUKA Thailand

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Stepping into our partnership for the sixth year, Nixma Group and KUKA Thailand have joined forces to develop and enhance the manufacturing industry with Robotic Solutions to meet the needs of partners and customers’ product lines perfectly. By finding solutions that are highly efficient and functional, we give customers confidence and allow our company to develop production business. This includes developing an efficient software system and designing applications for new users to understand easily and can use immediately.

By designing the production line according to the needs of our customers, it is extremely important to use high-quality components in a project. KUKA is one of the biggest companies with confidence in the global market for robotic events.

“Regardless of how you want to manage your production line, looking for a new specialized solution or to reduce the risk of your production, Nixma Technology can work on a highly reliable and standardized platform through smart designs and networks that connect one or more robots. It also guarantees a secure collaboration for both users and robots. “

Nixma has a wide network of Automation Partners that can support the needs of your business around the world by offering high quality solutions which are customized according to your specific requirements. Contact us for advice and services to bring your projects to life