What is SCADA?

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What is SCADA and what can we do with it?

SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) is used to remotely monitor and automate the control of industrial processes and machines. It integrates with networks, PLCs, RTUs,and machines to collect, analyze, and display real-time data.

  • Data Acquisition

SCADA measures parameters such as temperature, speed, pressure, or weight as raw data. The data is then sent to a PLC or RTU to be translated into comprehensible information. 

  • Control

SCADA systems can be programmed to perform certain control decisions based on the parameters received from connected sensors. 

  • Alarms

SCADA systems can trigger alarms to notify operators that something is wrong. These alarms can be programmed with different levels of priority to help differentiate major system errors from minor issues. 

  • Data Communications

SCADA may use wired or wireless communication technologies. LANs for local geographical areas, or WANs for systems that need to connect multiple local area networks that are spread across different regions.

  • Components of a SCADA System

SCADA consists of numerous hardware and software components working together to collect, translate, and display data. Data collection devices such as sensors and relays, data processing devices, and data display devices are typically included. While SCADA software is responsible for executing programmed control and alarming functions. 

  • Conversion Units

PLCs or RTUs collect data from inputs and sensors and translate that data into information that can be used by the SCADA system and understood by operators. They receive signals back from the SCADA system to facilitate control functions. 

  • HMI

HMIs display actionable information collected from networked devices and sensors. Once displayed on an HMI, operators are able to analyze the information and make data-driven decisions.

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