Why do we use Helium in our leak detector?

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Helium Leak Detection Nixma

Nixma’s leak detectors use helium as a tracing gas, and do you know why?

Why helium?

We use helium leak test to measure the amount of gas (leakages). Helium is used to locate and measure the size of leaks into or out of a system or containing device. Helium is the best choice to find leaks because of its non-toxic, inert, non-condensable and non-flammable properties. Due to its small atomic size as well, helium passes easily through leaks. 

Helium is also inexpensive and is available in various size cylinders, thus helium leak detection offers the best accuracy.


A “leak” is distinguished by a rise in helium level while being analyzed by the mass spectrometer. The helium mass spectrometer, the center of every helium leak testing is used to examine air samples and provide a quantitative measurement of helium present in the air sample.

Extremely small leaks can be identified using the helium leak testing method. While the helium leak detection method may seem like a simple process, it actually involves skillful science and technologies. This process is dependent on the user’s skill to ensure the equipment is functioning properly.


While many gases are used in leak detection, helium’s qualities proved to be the finest. Helium is in fact the lightest inert gas.

  • Helium is fairly present in the atmosphere 
  • Flows through cracks 2.7x faster than air
  • Non-toxic
  • Non-destructive
  • Non-explosive
  • Inexpensive
  • User Friendly

Due to these attributes, Nixma chooses to use helium in our leak testing solutions. We are able to provide accurate results. Our leak detection systems are calibrated with standards from LACO to assure top-level quality. This new system enables our clients to work more efficiently and explore more cost-saving methods. Read more or contact us to know more!