The rise of automation during Covid-19

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The rise of Automation during Covid-19

Now that we’re coming close to 2 years of battling against Covid-19, it’s time to really ask about the impact it has on automation. Has the pandemic pushed manufacturers to turn to automation? Has the pandemic accelerated the growth of automation?


The rise of Automation during Covid-19

The pandemic as demanded manufacturing lines to be:
· More flexible
· Safer
· Reduce manual labor
· Consecutive uptime
· Constant output or more

How are manufacturers supposed to achieve those demands during this challenging period? By implementing automation, of course,

Collaborative robots (cobots) were once thought to be a modern solution for traditional problems. While cobots were designed to boost productivity, many manufacturers pre-Covid were still skeptical about how robots and humans work together in a shared workspace. They are now widely implemented all over manufacturing lines.

Not only cobots, but robotic solutions, once a luxury to bigger companies are getting more in-demand as soon as more businesses/manufacturers are impacted by the pandemic. The constraint to only work with a limited workforce or less than 50% workforce has altered the basic requirements in a manufacturing plant.

Custom automation is also another smart solution revolutionizing how manufacturing or production lines work. With custom automation, one can solve various needs with a machine, thus making it specially modified with the sole idea of how the customers want to run their production.

Robotic solutions, collaborative robots, or custom automation are some of the solutions for constant manufacturing productivity. By implementing these smarter solutions, manufacturers are able to continuously operate without any setbacks.

It’s easy to say that the pandemic has brought a wave of automation and economic imperative. Nixma, the custom automation experts have leverage over this new wave of manufacturing needs by producing smarter and economical automation solutions. Talk to us to find out what we can do for you.

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