Water Work

Water work System

Our extensive knowledge and expertise is also contributed to the Waterworks system.

Nixma has made it possible to change from manual system to an automated system, along with the ability to upgrade and develop certain softwares to minimize manual labor and prevent human error. Improving and upgrading the SCADA system to monitor all water treatment plants with a simple screen is one of our accomplishments in the Waterworks industry. Our team has worked on enhancing chlorine detection system and automating pumping time zones for easy administration. We also provide our clients with a maintenance contract to ensure the system is up and running accurately over time.

Filter Auto Backwash Control System (How we improved the system)


  • Each backwash partition had to be  controlled manually. 
  • Control panels were neither linked nor connected.
  • No interface to display system  status or device status.
  • No touch screen interface to  control pneumatic valves.
  • Labour and time intensive.
  • Human errors possible.


  • PLC installed to programme all filters. 
  • Touch screen interface installed to control all valves.  
  • Integrated all filters into 1 system / re sequence.  
  • Less labour and time required.  
  • Zero human errors.
Water work

What We Do

  • SCADA System
  • Remote terminal unit (RTU) to monitor flow and totalizer in certain areas
  • Data integration and data transmission via wifi
  • Connection/GSM (Global System for Mobile communication)
  • Software development based on various PLC
  • Auto Backwash system (Filter process – sequenced automation based on water level or time)
  • Chlorine leak and scrubber system
  • Time Zone Pumping
  • Based on demand water pumping
  • Control System refurbishment
  • Auto dosing system
  • Control system troubleshooting
  • Professional water work automation advisor
  • Supply of water work-use components