What is driving adoption of Industrial 4.0 technologies across Asia?

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Driving Adoption of industrial 4.0 Technologies Accross Asia?

The future of manufacturing is already here, with Asia scaling more on the adoption of IR4.0 technology – and they are already reaping the benefits. Factors of the rise of Industrial Revolution 4.0 technologies in Asia are similar to everywhere else. Increasing customer satisfaction, encouraging innovation, productive workforce, and creating a competitive advantage. Regardless of the size of the company or location, companies are adapting to IR 4.0 while accelerating their growth. 

Asia has an advantage— the immense growth potential of the region. And with that advantage, building a technology-enabled manufacturing community is easily adopted. Countries like Japan, China, and Malaysia are leading the industrial race towards IR4.0. On the other hand, Thailand and India are catching up.

Digital transformation is possible and sustainable regardless of a business’ size in Asia. More and more companies are adapting to automation regardless of industry. During the pandemic, we can see that achieving a holistic IR4.0 is no longer a long shot. Clearly, there is an impact of the pandemic on how companies are able to scale these transformations. 

However, to benefit from the adaptation of IR4.0, the balance between business impact, technology transformation and human resources should be taken into account. It is critical for companies to approach this holistically before making a decision to move towards IR4.0. This is where we, Nixma steps in. We can provide professional advice and solutions based on your company’s scale and needs. 

Now that you know what drives IR4.0, it’s your time to make a decision if you, too, will join the race.  Nixma is here to enable your growth. 

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