Will You Be Controlled By Machines?


Automation is frequently mentioned, but it is not always clear what it looks like in practice.

The use of tools and machines has had apparent benefits and automation revolutionized the factory and assembly line. Professionals nowadays employ digital tools to automate functionality and these machines are becoming more capable. All chores can be automated to occur more rapidly and efficiently. Furthermore, by eliminating hard work, employees will have more time to handle relevant, important, and valuable aspects of their jobs. However, with the growth of automation, how many of us are threatened by Are we to be controlled by machines? Would they run us instead of us running them? Hence, before engineers can automate, business leaders must review working processes critically. Implementing cobots (collaborative robots) can be a solution where man and machine can work together. This allows the man to input commands while the robot does the menial, hard tasks. Good automation is intended to assist a human by boosting knowledge, power, creativity, and ability. Not to mention how, ironically, automation frees up time for individuals to provide “the human touch.”

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